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 Amy (the Counsellor)

I decided I needed some support at one point in my life, I went to a counselling center, thought I had a great first session, shared lots of information about myself, and really opened up. When I went back for a second appointment, the counsellor didn’t remember who I was, and kept confusing me with someone else. I had shared all that emotional and personal information, and the cMe-at-Bryans-weddingounsellor hadn’t even taken the time to review her notes. I refused to go back after that.  I didn’t feel understood, cared about, or trust that person to know me, and to support me in the way I needed.

It took me years to try again.

I understand that traditional methods of therapy are often scary and ineffective, particularly for youth, and so I dedicated myself to finding a way to make counselling a really awesome tool to help youth get the support they need. This is why I work out of a motorhome, use animals and other fun activities to make the experience something that actually works for you.

For years I worked as a youth worker and a teacher. One day I realized I was spending more time counselling than I was teaching and so I chose to go back to school and get a Masters in Counselling. I worked in a group home for a couple of years and then decided to open my private practice. I have extensive experience with the school system, child welfare system and justice system which allows me to support youth and their families in all aspects of their lives.


Bosun (the Great Dane)  

At approximately 150 poundSeptember-15-2012-129-1024x682s and almost 3 feet at the shoulder, Bosun loves to hang out in the motorhome. He was born on April 30, 2011 and has been a part of Whatever Works since the beginning. Bosun has claimed the couch in the motorhome as his but he’s willing to share it if you want to sit close! He’s usually up for a good round of tug-of-war or to just lay around and hang out.



Pirate and Ship (the Love birds)

Pirate and Ship don’t always get to come out in the motorhome but when thIMG_3542-1024x682ey do the like to hang out on their playground! I think they were born in the summer of 2012 but they’re not telling! Pirate and Ship are siblings and like to spend time with each other, they’re still learning that humans are ok!





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